Necessary for new dress shop owners to focus two important points

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Many people are bothered by the re-employment problem with the diversified development of the society, so managing dress shops becomes the choice of many people. Before dress shops are set up really, it is necessary for the new shop owners to focus two important points. First, placing the counter at the exit is unfavorable. The owners of some dress shops often place the counter at the exit of staircase in order to promote the sales of dresses. The ultimate purpose of these dress shop owners is to allow the customers to see their promoted products in a short time and increase the possibility of selling the promoted products. However, this promotion way will make some customers deliberate to steer clear of the counter and walk to another counter. Second, do not play the deafening music in the dress shops. The deafening music will make the potential customers very annoyed in the dress shops. This practice is very bad actually. Music can really build a kind atmosphere in a dress shop, but what atmosphere the music creates should be focused by the dress shops owners. The soft and elegant music can make the customers get much enjoyment and forget to go other places.

Dress Shop Focuses on Customer Experience

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Dress shop is dedicated to a place provides all kinds of clothes place for the community, is an important part of social life, it also plays an important role in people’s life. The traditional dress shop is entity shop for the sale with the decoration, product display, so as to attract users to come to the shop for choosing and buying clothes, this shop focuses on customer experience. With the development of network economy, there is a sale situation with new online clothing store, online dress shop pays attention to the low price and quality assurance, it shows the clothes on the Internet through the product pictures with text to attract consumers, through the low price and door-to-door delivery service and other online sales process, this is the relatively new network sales model. Now in addition to the color bright, the shop has broad field, and it pays attention to leisure space and dynamic facilities planning, at the same time, poster, video screen also are needed. As for the furniture modeling, qualitative material and goods display have less innovation.

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  • Solid dress shops are facing a development bottle now

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    It’s a New Year celebration period. In the past, lots of solid dress shops were full of customers. People were pouring into shops for choosing clothes for their children and their beloved people. They chose, tried on, and bargained in the solid shops. No matter wherever you went, you would find groups and groups of people. However, this year things are quite different. Solid shops owners are very worried about that. For a whole day, there might be one or two customers walking into the shops and may not choose anything and then leave. Lots of sellers keep complaining the difficulty of business this year.
    What’s the reason for that? Where are the groups of buyers this year? If you try to investigate carefully, you will find that most of the customers have turned to online shops. The quality is of no difference there and there are millions of choices. Most importantly, they can just sit at home clicking the mouse, then they can get their favorite clothes.

    How to Select Dresses in Dress Shops?

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    Whether clapping a wedding dress or in the wedding banquet, people will only pay attention to if the marriage gauze of girl is beautiful and if the makeup is good, and few people will notice how the groom’s dress, but the groom’s dress is tie-in appropriate which is also very important, we would say how to select dress. The groom chose dress, which should cooperate with the bride’s wedding dress and dress, to balance them during each match. Overall, the trend of fashion, we can see that the groom’s dress and other accessory design trend with elegant, slender, simple, and they will cooperate with age, body type, occasion and budget. In fact, as long as the selected suitable dress, the groom’s body shape is fat thin height it doesn’t matter, as long as wear suitable dress up can strengthen the weak, the advantages of the figure as now, hide faults. Therefore, a set of appropriate dress really is very important. How to wear suitable is an important question, first of all, the bridegroom has to face up to their own size really belong to what type, and then according to their own body to find suits own dress, and in our shop we have specialized people who can help you to design the suitable dresses for you.

    How to solve the management problems of Dress shops?

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    One of my friends open a dress shop in village on the pattern of bulk-cargo for a month. But the business is not good at all while compete with other shops which operate the same style cloths. She hope any one who are experienced with operation can give some efficient advices. In my eyes, my suggestions are as follows:
    First of all, the same goods are sold well in other dress shops. Maybe your shop just open for a short time. There are not so many people know your shop. You can make a discount before starting your business. In a way, this will attract a lot of consumers’ eyes. Please also pay attention to the decoration of your shop. Whether the style of your decoration is suitable for your cloths.
    Second, price. Please compare the price with other shops if possible. If your shop is in country, the price should not be too high. As we all known, price differs from man to man. Don’t match your cloths as the same as other shops’. That would be terrible.
    Third, the design style will affect the sale performance. If you sell the cloths for young, you should decorate your shop modernize. Lights in the shop is so important.